Admission Process

PPGE candidates must choose one of the research lines to apply for admission, according to specific BID. The evaluation comprises a/theoretical exam (Master’s only); analysis of a Preliminary Research Project/ (Master’s) or Research Project (Doctorate), both of which must comply with the main guidelines of the specified research line. They must be objective and clearly written regarding the research problem. The projects must also present a current theme with coherent and consistent language and ideas, and use of a proper theoretical framework and have. In addition, the selection involves Curriculum Vitae (Master’s and Doctorate) and a Cover Letter to be analysed for the admission, in which the candidate must present a critical-reflexive and detailed report with his or her respective professional and academic experiences. The last admission phase consists of an interview, conducted by a committee with at least three professors to deepen issues concerning the Preliminary Research Project or Research Project and how it relates to the candidate’s professional/scientific journey. During this phase, the following factors are assessed: domain of content, synthesis skills, clarity, coherence and argumentative and dialogical skills. The candidates approved in this phase are admitted in the Master or Doctorate levels.